Explore sponsors and who they sponsor

Identify national, regional, and local sponsors

Generate leads, follow your competition

Why Sponsor Graph?

Ever wonder who the local sponsors are in Chicago, IL? Would you like to see who your competitors sponsor or generate ideas for new sponsorships?

The sponsor graph is a tool we've developed to help answer these questions. We've applied big data algorithms to the graph of sponsor links. You'll be able to see who's a local, regional, and national sponsor within a given city. Dig deeper into who sponsors who and filter the sponsors to look at specific competitors or a subset of sponsors.

Using our dataset of sponsorships, we examine all outgoing domains on these sponsorships. This is the set of people who sponsored.

We then aggregate these domains to answer three basic questions: (1) how often does sponsor appear in a given city, (2) where does a given sponsor appear, and (3) who sponsors what?

We categorize sponsors into local, regional, or national. The local sponsor appear in less than 25% of all cities that we track. Regional sponsor appear between 25% and 75% of cities that we track. And last, national sponsors appear in 75% or more of cities.